Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hudson adds support for StyleCop

Last week Microsoft released StyleCop (aka Microsoft Source Analysis for C#), a tool that analyzes C# code and enforces a certain code style (similar to Checkstyle). The tool will go through all C# source files and mark the code style violations. Now Hudson (a Continuous Integration server) together with the Violations plugin has added support for parsing the StyleCop XML report and display the results for every build.

The Violations plugin displays a trend graph over builds so it is real easy to see that your project is progressing in the right direction (decreasing the number of violations). As you can see the plugin also supports FxCop reports.

Each build will display a listing of the files that are violating the code style, and it is also possible to see the number of fixed (or introduced) violations for every build.

Clicking on a file will display excerpts from the C# code showing the violations.

Follow the guideline here after downloading StyleCop. Add the <Import Project="$(ProgramFiles)\MSBuild\Microsoft\SourceAnalysis\v4.2\Microsoft.SourceAnalysis.targets" /> to every csproj file that you are building within Hudson. When the VS project is built, StyleCop will store a file named StyleCopViolations.xml [Update, if you are using StyleCop 4.2 enter SourceAnalysisViolations.xml in the project folder. As of now, there is no way to store it elsewhere. The XML file contains all violations that were found in the Visual Studio project.

Hudson Configuration
To configure the violations plugin, enable the "Report violations" check box. If there are several VS projects in the build, you should use **/*/SourceAnalysisViolations.xml as it will find XML files in all sub folders.

After configuration, start a new build to analyze and display the StyleCop results in Hudson. To see a trend graph you need at least two successful builds.

  • Do not enable all rules, choose those that are valid for your organization and make sense for you.
  • Do not activate too many rules at first, as it probably will generate too many violations. Too many violations may be ignored by your co-workers, as it seems to be too much work to fix them all. When the most critical code style violations has been fixed, increase the number of rules.


cody said...

Installed plugin and stylecop Added assembly lines to project files.

Verified Hudson Violations V7.1 plugin and Stylecop 4.3 installed correctly.

Violations plugin reports "No reports" after build.

Checked for presence of XML file, should be **/*/SourceAnalysisViolations.xml
according to above link. Actual name of file generated by Stylecop was

Any Suggestion?

redsolo said...

The directory search is case sensitive, so a work around is to enter "**/StyleCopViolations.xml" instead. For more info see

Anonymous said...

How can I disable StyleCop rules? I cannot find some good documentation of StyleCop...

thx martin

Oliver said...

I can't get StyleCop and the violations plugin to work properly.

I'm using StyleCopCmd to output my StyleCop XML report.

I've filed the following bugs relating to my issues:

I was wondering if you had ever had these problems or if you had any suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Using StyleCop and Hudson 1.346, I used the following in my .csproj files to get StyleCop violations and source code linked:

<!-- Causes problems with FxCop and StyleCop violations mixing in some Hudson/StyleCop/MSBuildExtensions version combinations. -->

<StyleCopOutputFile Condition=" '$(StyleCopOutputFile)' == '' ">StyleCopViolations.xml</StyleCopOutputFile> <!-- two sinqle quotes after the == -->
<!-- -->
<Import Project="$(ProgramFiles)\MSBuild\Microsoft\StyleCop\v4.3\Microsoft.SourceAnalysis.Targets" />

redsolo said...


Could you open an issue on the Hudson issue tracker? Preferably with an xml showing the problem.

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