Tuesday, October 24, 2006

C# Trolls vs. Java Trolls. (wikipedia wars)

A month ago when I added the different release names for Java in wikipedia, I saw that there were quite a few troll edits in the page. (Troll edit = people adding/changing wikipedia pages for no good reason) Then I went over to the C# page in wikipedia, and just looked over the history very quickly and it seemed that there were less troll edits on that page. That got me thinking of the "war" between Java and C#; a war that developers loves to fight "What programming language is the best?" Uncanny similar to the youth discussion on whos dad could kick the other dad butt.

Anyhow, this evening I had 30 mins to spare, so I did a very unscientific investigation to see which faction that had entered the most troll comments into the other factions wikipedia page. So I went through all the latest 200 changes for each page. Thanks for Firefox excellent tab support, I could do it quite quickly with Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+W. What I found was this:

The Java wikipedia page had been troll edited 12 times. Some examples of the changes:
  • "Java Database Connectivity" was changed into "help me groe Connectivity"
  • "IAN Hitchcox is a BIG qeer" - Whatever that means...
  • Changing the name of James Gosling into "Giant Lava" or "Michael Adolf Gow"... Giant Java would be more appropiate, but that Adolf guy is unknown to me.
  • "The entire java language centers around a single concept, IF Loops." - Hmm, I think I have used a switch statement once in java.
  • "Influenced by = ....C sharp C#" - Well, that is not really true is it?
  • "Mr. Youngpradit - A acclamed computer science teacher teaching Java to high school students he also heads the extreme sports club and botball" - A computer science teacher that do extreme sports, that is a little far fetched.
  • Some made an incorrect note that Java's performance is really bad
  • And someone replaced all content on the page with "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

The C# wikipedia page has been troll edited 4 times. Some examples:

  • "A good example of this is the "Chad Rocks" program." - Seems like that Chad managed to write a good program with C#
  • Self advertising as ''This article is being presented by Rakesh.S, Bangalore'', with email adress and all. Thanks, I probably won't contact this troll.
  • "C# is intended to be a '''simple, modern, general-purpose''', object-oriented programming language that does not work." - I don't think that was copied from the MS requirement spec?
  • "The language is very facist and Fleury can't program it for shit!" - Apparently someone was tired of both Fleury and C#.

So what does this mean? I have no clue, but it seems that the C# Trolls won this round as they did manage to get in twice the number of troll edits into the Java page.

Java Trolls - C# Trolls
0 - 1

Yes, I was bored and no Im not serious, but the investigation was...